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Molybdenum Spray Wire

Molybdenum spay wire is used to spray automotive components, like piston ring, synchronizing rings, gear boxes.

Size and Tolerance for molybdenum spray wire

Diameter (mm) Surface Piece Weight (kg) Packaging
3.17 Black 10~25 In coil
2.31 Black 10~25 In coil
1.60 Black 10~25 In coil or reel
1.45 Black 10~25 In coil or reel

Note: Size and surface conditions for molybdenum spray wire could be custom-made.
Molybdenum wire for spraying is available in the following conditions:

Code D E C
Conditions of Finished Products Drawn Electrolytic Polished Chemical Cleaned

Magnetron Molybdenum Wire

Type Mo1
Mo % ≥99.95%
Impurity content% ≤ Total≤0.05%
Diameter Φ1.0-3.00mm
Weight 10-50 kg
Packing Coiled, Carton
Application Magnetron cathode anchor of microwave oven

Thick Molybdenum Wire

Product Material Diameter (mm) Weight
Black molybdenum wire Mo1
0.35-4.0 5-30 As parts of electric vacuum, electric light source, electrical heating.
Such as support rods, leader and grid, etc.
Cleaned molybdenum wire Mo1
0.35-4.0 5-30
Redrawing molybdenum wire Mo1
0.35-1.0 5-30 For processing of thin molybdenum wire

Packaging for our molybdenum spraying wire

The standard package for molybdenum spray wire is wooden crate, so that the products can be protected during handling and transportation.  

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