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Molybdenum Heating Element

Molybdenum heating elements (molybdenum heater) and tungsten heaters are mostly used for high temperature furnace and sapphire growth furnace and other high temperature furnace. Tungsten and Molybdenum are both refractory metals and are ideally suited for use at high temperatures. With their special properties, molybdenum and tungsten are the perfect choice for components in the furnace construction industry.

Properties for molybdenum heater & tungsten heater:
-High operating temperatures
-Outstanding creep resistance
-High level of dimensional stability
-Extremely pure
-Excellent corrosion resistance
-Low coefficient of expansion

Molybdenum heater can be made by molybdenum wire, molybdenum rod, molybdenum strip and molybdenum ribbon.

Pictures for other types of molybdenum heating elements

  • Molybdenum Heater
  • Molybdenum Heater
  • Molybdenum Heater

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