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Molybdenum Container

Molybdenum container is used for sintering and annealing both metallic and non-metallic (e.g.: ceramics) materials in reduction atmosphere. The function is quite similar with regular molybdenum crucible, the shape and details of molybdenum container can be deigned for special usage.  We can also provide molybdenum tray, Mo-La (molybdenum alloy) container and Mo-La alloy tray per specific requirements. 

Specification for our Molybdenum container (Moly containers)

Material: Mo, 99.95%

Size: Per drawing

Surface: Machined, Turning

Process: Sintering, Machining

Pictures for our Molybdenum container with inner protection

The inner small box is for protection of the molybdenum container when heating or melting some corrosive materials or chemicals. This can lower the cost by changing the inner molybdenum box only when it is damaged, instead of changing the whole molybdenum container set. 

We provide molybdenum container and molybdenum tray as per drawings, please send us your specifications for molybdenum container to sales@edge-techind.com.

Pictures for molybdenum container with Lid and packing for molybdenum

  • Molybdenum Container & Molybdenum tray
  • Packing for Molybdenum container

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