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Neodymium Chloride

Neodymium (III) chloride (NdCl3), or neodymium trichloride, is a purple powder and stable under atmospheric pressure. It is soluble in water, ethanol, ether, chloroform. Its anhydrous form is a mauve-colored powder that easily absorbs the moisture in the air and turns to purple hexahydrate.

Purity of our Neodymium (III) chloride
NdCl3 X xH2O (x=0/6)
TREO: > 81%

Products of our Neodymium (III) chloride
(Anhydrous) powder
Neodymium chloride Hydrate

Applications of Neodymium chloride
-Production of neodymium metal: most common starting compound for production of neodymium metal
-Lasers and fiber amplifiers: it is a dopant not only of traditional silica-based optical fibers, but of plastic fibers (dopedphotolime-gelatin, polyimide, polyethylene, etc.) as well.
-Catalysis: used to combine with organic chemicals such as triethylaluminium, 2-propanol, and titanium dioxide
-Corrosion protection: Neodymium (III) chloride is a corrosive inhibitors which is environment friendly and much less toxic.
-Labeling of organic molecules: Neodymium has strong luminescence, so neodymium chloride is often used as a source of Nd3+ ions as fluorescent labels in various physical and chemical reactions.

Packaging of our Neodymium Chloride
All our NdCl3 powder is packaged in vacuum to avoid water absorption.

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