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Niobium Carbide Powder

Basic Infoamtion of Niobium Carbide Powder

Niobium carbide powder
Chemical formula: NbC
Molecular weight: 104.92
Density: 7.56g/cm3
Melting point: 3490ºC
Carbon content: 11.45%

Properties of NbC powder

-Brown-gray metallic powder with purple lustre. 
-High melting point
-High hardness material
-Great chemical stability

Specification for NbC powder

NbC, purity>99%,
Particle size: ~45μm, 
CAS #: 12069-94-2

Application of NbC powder

All carbides of the compounds of tantalum and niobium are mainly used as additives for the hard metal mixtures to produce hard metals and alloys.

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