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Platinum Iridium Alloy Capillary

Platinum Iridium Alloy Capillary is mainly used in precision electronics, precision instruments, medical and other fields. Our company can manufacture high-precision platinum Iridium alloy capillary tubes with composition 90Pt/10Ir.

Specifications our platinum iridium alloy capillary:

Size specifications: outer diameter Φ0.2~Φ8mm, wall thickness: T0.015~0.5mm.

Highest precision: outer diameter: Φ±0.003mm, wall thickness: T±0.005mm, length: L±0.03mm.

Appearance: Observed under a microscope, the inner and outer surfaces of the tube show a uniform metallic luster, without oxidation, hydrogenation, discoloration, scratches, deformation, burrs, etc.

Specifications can be customized according to user& #39;s requirements based on the above range. Send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com.

We also provide other metal capillaries. Representative products are marker bands, puncture needle, heat exchange titanium capillary, oxygen sensor heat pipe, oxygen sensing heat-resistant pipe, fiber optic casing, anti-corrosion tantalum tube, etc. 

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