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Terbium (Tb) Sputtering Target

Terbium, a very soft silvery rare earth metal, is mainly used in green phosphors. Together with divalent europium blue phosphors and trivalent europium red phosphors, terbium green phosphors are used to produce standard white light for indoor lighting. Terbium compounds are useful biological probes due to the long emission lifetime of terbium. As a component of Terfenol-D, terbium is widely also used in actuators, naval sonar systems, sensors SoundBug devices and other magnetomechnical devices. Terbium is also used as a crystal stabilizer for fuel cells which operate at high temperatures. Edgetech Industries provides Terbium Metals, Chemicals, and another important Terbium part- Terbium Sputtering Target. The purity for Terbium Sputtering Target is REM≥99.9%. Round, rectangular Terbium (Tb) Sputtering Targets are all available from us, we can also provide other custom Terbium (Tb) Ceramic Sputtering Targets.

Specification for our Terbium (Tb) Sputtering Target

Product Name Terbium Sputtering Target
Item Code ST-PE65
Purity TREM: 99.9%~99.99%
Shape Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Tubing Targets, Custom-made
Dimensions Round Terbium sputtering target:
Diameter: <18”, Thickness: >0.04”
Rectangular Terbium sputtering target:
Length: <36”, Width: <12”, Thickness: >0.04”
Bonding Indium
Related Product Terbium Oxide Sputtering Target

Packing Information for Terbium (Tb) Sputtering Target:

To make sure the Terbium (Tb) Sputtering Target delivered to customer safely, we’ll use cushioning material and outer box (small Terbium (Tb) target) or crate (large Terbium (Tb) target) to pack the target.

  • Packing for small Terbium (Tb) target
  • Packing for large Terbium (Tb) target

Other Pure Rare Earth Sputtering Targets from Edgetech Industries:

Item Code Item Name Purity (REM) Inquiry
ST-DPE39 Distilled Yttrium (Y) Sputtering Target 99.99% Inquiry
ST-PE64 Gadolinium (Gd) Sputtering Target 99.9% ~ 99.99% Inquiry
ST-PE58 Cerium (Ce) Sputtering Target 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE66 Dysprosium (Dy) Sputtering Target 99.5% ~ 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE68 Erbium (Er) Sputtering Target 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE63 Europium (Eu) Sputtering Target 99.99% Inquiry
ST-PE57 Lanthanum (La) Sputtering Target 99.5% ~ 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE67 Holmium (Ho) Sputtering Target 99.9%~99.95% Inquiry
ST-PE21 Scandium (Sc) Sputtering Target 99.9% ~99.99% Inquiry
ST-DPE21 Distilled Scandium (Sc) Sputtering Target 99.99% Inquiry
ST-PE39 Yttrium (Y) Sputtering Target 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE70 Ytterbium (Yb) Sputtering Target 99.5% ~ 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE69 Thulium (Tm) Sputtering Target 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE71 Lutetium (Lu) Sputtering Target 99.5% ~ 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE62 Samarium (Sm) Sputtering Target 99.9% Inquiry
ST-PE60 Neodymium (Nd) Sputtering Target 99.9% ~ 99.95% Inquiry
ST-PE59 Praseodymium (Pr) Sputtering Target 99.5% ~ 99.9% Inquiry

Edgetech Industries provides custom sputtering targets by materials, dimensions and even purity. Send your request to sales@edge-techind.com. For sooner quotation, inquires which including materials, size, purity, bonding or not, and quantity will be preferred.

Edgetech Industries LLC16518 SW 36th St, Miramar, FL 33027sales@edge-techind.com