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Titanium Mesh

We can provide titanium sheet mesh which is expended from titanium sheet, titanium wire mesh that weaved by titanium wire and titanium stamped mesh with circular holes, minimum opening is 1mm diameter.  Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.

Titanium Wire Mesh: plain weaved by titanium wire

Titanium Mesh: expanded and stamped by titanium sheet

Titanium Basket & MMO anode: Assembled by titanium mesh and wire mesh and costed with mixed metal oxides


  • Titanium Wire Mesh

    Titanium Wire Mesh

    Titanium wire mesh (Ti wire mesh, Ti cloth) is weaved by titanium wire; we provide kinds of titanium wire mesh with commercial pure titanium. Titanium wire mesh can be used in screening and filtering in acidic and alkaline environments,etc.

  • Titanium Mesh

    Titanium Mesh

    Titanium mesh (Ti mesh, Titanium sheet mesh, Titanium expanded mesh) is made by expanding & stamping titanium sheet, which is ASTM B265 specified commercial pure titanium sheet.

  • Titanium Basket and MMO Anode

    Titanium Basket and MMO Anode

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides titanium mesh baskets for titanium mesh anodes (Ti baskets), and these can also be coated with MMO to make MMO titanium anodes.

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