Titanium Alloy

Besides regular ASTM specified alloys, we can also provide titanium tantalum alloy, titanium niobium alloy, titanium silver alloy, titanium tungsten alloy and other customized alloys.

Ti-25Ta (Titanium/Tantalum: 75/25 wt%)
Titanium tantalum alloys are used widely in biomedical field. Ti-25Ta alloy has the best mechanical compatibility in Ti-Ta alloys for biomedical applications. We provide Ti-25Ta sheet and titanium tanlum rod.

Titanium Niobium alloy
Ti-27Nb (Titanium/Niobium: 73/27 wt%)
Ti-27Nb alloy is a low modulus biomedical, shape memory alloy. We provide Ti-Nb shape memory alloy with Nb wt% from 16% to 30%. The most common content of Ti-Nb is Ti-27Nb. We can provide you sheets and rods for this alloy. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.

Ti-45Nb (Titanium/Niobium: 55/45 wt%)
We also provide Ti-Nb alloy for superconducting cavity, which has Nb content from 42% to 47%.
Ti-55Nb (Titanium/Niobium: 45/55 wt%)
Nb55Ti can be used for superconductor radio frequency accelerator application.

Product for titanium alloy (titanium tantalum alloy & titanium Niobium alloy) product line:

Titanium tantalum alloy & titanium Niobium alloy Sheet, titanium tantalum alloy & titanium niobium alloy Strip,
Titanium tantalum alloy & titanium Niobium alloy Rod,  titanium tantalum alloy & titanium niobium alloy Bar
Titanium tantalum alloy & titanium niobium alloy complex machined parts.

Dimensions for Titanium alloys
Sheet, Strip Thickness: 0.1mm-10 mm
Rod and Bar Diameter: Ф20mm-Ф165mm
Machined parts: Per drawing


  • Titanium tantalum alloy sheet

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