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Solar Thermal

Specific Applications:
-Reflective Coatings
-Anti-Reflective Coatings
-Selective Absorber Coatings

Besides photovoltaic panels - solar thermal and concentrated solar power (CSP) systems offer great prospects for the growing energy demand and gain momentum. Solar thermal / CSP systems have several advantages over photovoltaics. They work best in hot ambiance, and the energy can easily be stored in the form of heat, which enables energy supply - even several hours after sunset.

To continuously boost the degree of efficiency of solar thermal systems, high performance materials are essential. Advanced PVD coatings are seen as a key element in creating efficiency improvements for solar power generation.

Edgetech Industries LLC, as a sputtering target supplier with outstanding technical and materials expertise and experience in reflective, anti-reflective and selective absorber coatings offers customized materials solutions for the solar thermal market.

Sputtering Targets for Solar Thermal

Pure Metal Sputtering Targets

Material Name Purity Inquiry
Sn Tin Sputtering Target


Si Silicon Sputtering Target


W Tungsten Sputtering Target

3N5, 5N

Cr Chromium Sputtering Target

3N5 - 4N

Al Aluminum Sputtering Target

4N, 5N

Ag Silver Sputtering Target



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