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Silicon is the particular and important semiconductor element, it carries the typical properties of both metals and non-metals. Edgetech Industries LLC provides silicon powder (Si powder) that is used widely in semiconductor technology, computer microchips, transistors and solar cells. Silicon powder is also used to manufacture other silicon compounds. Our silicon powder is produced using minimally sized grains, mesh size ranging from 100mesh to 325 mesh. Other size range can be customized.

Packing information for Silicon

To make sure the Silicon delivered to customer safely, we’ll use plastic bag for inside packing and fiber drum for outer pack. For small quantity, it will be carton instead of drum.

Pleases contact us at sales@edge-techind.com for further information and quotation.


  • Silicon Nanopowder

    Silicon Nanopowder

    Silicon Nanopowder can be used in battery, refractory coating, refractory coating, nano-thin film in solar fields. Silicon Nanopowder, Ultra-pure silicon nanopowder is produced by a special process compare to silicon fume.

  • Silicon Metal Lump and Granule

    Silicon Metal Lump and Granule

    We provide Silicon Lump (10-100mm irregular parts), Silicon Granules (1-10mm) with 99.9% to 99.999% pure. Edgetech Industries LLC provides silicon lump and silicon granules that are used widely in semiconductor technology and solar cells.

  • Silicon Powder

    Silicon Powder

    Silicon powder, 4N~5N Purity, 100-325 mesh, APS=3-10μm or customized particle size

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