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Fabricated Titanium

Edgetech Industries LLC provides fabricated titanium with C.P. titanium and titanium alloys. Most popular titanium grades are Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V).  

Fabricated process: Vacuum smelting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, extrusion, drawing, Cutting, etc.

Titanium Rolling Products: Titanium Foil, Titanium Strip, Titanium Sheet, Titanium Ribbon, Titanium Plate

Titanium Rolling Products: Titanium Tubing, Titanium pipe

Titanium Drawing & Swaging Products: Titanium wire, Titanium welding wire, Titanium Rod

Other semi-machined parts: Titanium Disc, Titanium Ring, Titanium Ball.


  • Titanium Ball

    Titanium Ball

    Titanium balls and Titanium alloy balls (Ti balls, Titanium Sphere, Titanium Beads) can be used in chemical industry equipment accessories and jewelry, etc. We supply Titanium Balls at very competitive prices with good quality.

  • Titanium Wire

    Titanium Wire

    Titanium wire & titanium alloy wires (Ti wire) can be used in fishing lines, chain-mail, welding wires, glasses frames, bicycle spokes, electrode, titanium bolt, titanium screw and other products. We provide titanium wire with wide range of Ti grades

  • Titanium Welding Wire & Rod

    Titanium Welding Wire & Rod

    We provide titanium welding wire & titanium welding rods with different material grades and dimensions. Specification is AWM A5.16 for titanium welding wires & rods.

  • Titanium Rod

    Titanium Rod

    ETI provides titanium rods (Ti rods) & titanium bars (Ti bars) per ASTM, AMS and MIL specifications. Titanium rods can be used in aircraft engines and parts, chemical equipment parts (reactors, pipes, heat ex-changers and valves, etc.), etc.

  • Titanium Bar

    Titanium Bar

    We provide titanium rectangular bar (Ti bars), titanium square bar, titanium hexagon bar with C.P. titanium and titanium alloys. We also provide crystal titanium bar with high purity.

  • Titanium Disc

    Titanium Disc

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides titanium discs (titanium circle, titanium diaphragm) with C.P. titanium and titanium alloys. They are wire cut from titanium plates & titanium sheets.

  • Titanium Ring

    Titanium Ring

    ETI provides industrial C.P. titanium rings (Ti ring) and titanium alloy rings per your request. Titanium rings are made by forging and wire cutting from Ti plates or Ti tubing.

  • Titanium Foil

    Titanium Foil

    Edgetech Indutries LLC is a reliable Titanium Foil (Ti foils) supplier, thickness ranging from 0.02mm up to 0.09mm for our titanium foil. Material is mainly C.P. titanium.

  • Titanium Ribbon

    Titanium Ribbon

    Titanium ribbon (Ti ribbon, Titanium conductor bar) is widely employed in chemical industry such as chlor-alkali industry where titanium anode is used for cathodic protection.

  • Titanium Strips

    Titanium Strips

    C.P. Titanium strip (Ti strip) and Titanium alloy strips (Ti alloy strips) can be used in electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, etc. Another important usage for titanium strips is to make titanium welding pipe.

  • Titanium Sheet

    Titanium Sheet

    Titanium sheets (Ti sheets) are found in a variety of applications such as heat ex-changers, various types of corrosive-resistant equipment, textile machinery and sporting equipment, etc.. We provide titanium sheets with wide range of titanium grades

  • Titanium Plate

    Titanium Plate

    EdgeTech Industries LLC is a worldwide supplier of titanium plates and titanium sheets with C.P. Titanium & Titanium alloys. Other Titanium rolling products are also available on requests.

  • Titanium Pipe

    Titanium Pipe

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides titanium seamless pipe (Ti piping) and titanium welded pipe (Titanium pipes) with grade 1 titanium, grade 2 titanium, grade 9 titanium. etc.

  • Titanium Tubing

    Titanium Tubing

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides both titanium seamless tubing and titanium welded tubing. Titanium tubes (Ti tubing) can be used in heat exchangers and condensers, all kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline system.

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