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EdgeTech Industries provides Niobium and Niobium alloys with shaped and custom parts. Material is each greades per ASTM specificatios. 

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  • Niobium Wire

    Niobium Wire

    Edgetech Industries LLC is a trusted supplier of high quality niobium wires and other Nb products. We provide niobium wire with 0.2~3.0mm diameter (R04200 niobium, R04210 niobium, etc.).

  • Niobium Rod / Niobium Ingot

    Niobium Rod / Niobium Ingot

    EdgeTech Industries LLC supplies niobium rods and niobium ingots with 3-120mm diameter (R04200, R04210, R04220 niobium), we also provide niobium bars with rectangular, square other shape section.

  • Niobium Tube

    Niobium Tube

    We provide Niobium Tube (niobium tubing), Niobium Pipe and Niobium Capillary Tube with R04200 & R04210 niobium. Other niobium made from niobium tubular products such as niobium ring are also available on request.

  • Niobium Sheet / Niobium Foil / Niobium Plate

    Niobium Sheet / Niobium Foil / Niobium Plate

    We provide Niobium sheets, Niobium foil, Niobium strip and Niobium plates (Niobium board) with R04200-1, R04210-2 niobium. Other related niobium products such as niobium block, niobium disc & niobium ribbon are also available on request.

  • Niobium Mesh

    Niobium Mesh

    We provide niobium wire mesh, niobium expanded mesh (sheet expanded)and platinized niobium mesh anode. Other niobium products are also available on requests.

  • Niobium Parts

    Niobium Parts

    We niobium machined products such as: provide Niobium sputtering targets, Niobium crucible, Niobium nuts, Niobium bolts, Niobium heating elements, Niobium shielding screens, Niobium flange, etc.

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