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Semiconductor Elements

Semiconductor Elements are the elements in Group IV, whose electrical conductivity is intermediate between a metal and an insulator. Most important semiconductor elements are Silicon and Germanium.

The conductivity semiconductor materials will increase with temperature and in the presence of impurities. III-V semiconductors, II-VI semiconductors are the semiconductors which are combined by different groups.

Edge-tech Industries has been in the field for years, we mostly provide semiconductor elements’ raw materials, metal parts and the sputtering targets that are used in semiconductor Industry. 

  • Silicon powder

    Silicon powder

    Silicon powder, 4N~5N Purity, 100-325 mesh, APS=3-10μm or customized particle size

  • Silicon Metal

    Silicon Metal

    We provide Silicon Lump (10-100mm irregular parts), Silicon Granules (1-10mm) with 99.9% to 99.999% pure.

  • Germanium Metal

    Germanium Metal

    Germanium Lump, Germanium pieces, Germanium Pellets (Ge Pellets), Germanium Rod (Ge Rod), Tailor-made Germanium

  • Germanium Powder

    Germanium Powder

    We provide Germanium powder, Germanium particles, Germanium Granules with high purity.

  • Germanium Dioxide

    Germanium Dioxide

    ETI provides high purity Germanium Dioxide Powder.

  • Silicon Nanopowder

    Silicon Nanopowder

    Silicon Nanopowder can be used in battery, refractory coating, refractory coating, nano-thin film in solar fields.

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