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Edgetech Industries can also provide Niobium metal powder, Niobium Oxide, Niobium carbide powder and other Niobium Compounds. Please contact us at sales@edge-techind.com

Niobium Powder              Niobium Oxide Powder            Niobium Carbide Powder      Other Niobium Compounds


  • Niobium Powder

    Niobium Powder

    We provide niobium metal powder (Nb powder) purity 99% & 99.8% with -60/+325 mesh particle size, spherical niobium metal powder is also available on request.

  • Niobium Oxide Powder

    Niobium Oxide Powder

    We provide Niobium Oxide Powder (Niobium pentoxide, Nb2O5) with 99% to 99.999% pure and 60-325mesh. Niobium oxide is used to make metal niobium, alloy, carbide, ceramics, optical glass, etc.

  • Niobium Carbide Powder

    Niobium Carbide Powder

    Niobium carbide powder (NbC powder) is dark brown powder with high melting point and good stability to chemical agents. It is mainly used as additive for the hard metal mixtures.

  • Niobium Compounds

    Niobium Compounds

    Niobium compounds: Niobium Oxalate, Niobium Chloride, Niobium Boride Powder, Niobium Nitride Powder, Niobium Silicide Powder, etc.

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