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Tungsten, also referred to as Wolfram, is a chemical element with the chemical symbol W and atomic number 74. After Carbon, Tungsten has the highest melting point of all elements. Tungsten is among the heaviest metals found on Earth. It has excellent high temperature mechanical properties, with the lowest expansion coefficient and highest conductivity of all metals.

We provide tungsten rolling products (plate, sheet, disc, foil), tungsten drawing and forging (tugnsten block, rod, bar, wire), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucible, tungsten heater, tungsten furnace system). Our specialty tungsten product is tungsten granules (broken by forged tungsten), porous tungsten (low temparature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com

Properties for pure tungsten

Melting Temperature Maximum Use Temperature Tensile Strength Theory Density Modulus of Elasticity
3410 °C 2500 °C 250MPa at RT 19.27g/cc 400 GPa
Thermal Conductivity Vapor Pressure Thermal Expansion Electrical Resistance Crystal Structure
0.48 Cal/cm2/cm°C/sec Temperatures above 1650 °C 4.30 ppm / °C 5.50 @20 °C µ ohm-cm body-centered cubic

Tungsten rolling products: Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Disc, Tungsten Foil.

Tungsten drawing & Forging products: Tungsten Rod, Tungsten Bar, Tungsten Wire.

W furnance parts: Tungsten Crucible, Tungsten Heating Element, Tungsten Boat, W Furnace System.

Other products: Tungsten Granules, Porous Tungsten, Tungsten Mesh.


  • Tungsten Crucible

    Tungsten Crucible

    Tungsten crucible is widely used in technologies for growing monocrystals from molten corundum, tungsten crucibles are also used in electronics and technologies for thermal vaporization deposition of various substances.

  • Tungsten Granules (Tungsten Flux)

    Tungsten Granules (Tungsten Flux)

    Our tungsten Granules, also named as tungsten flux, tungsten accelerator and tungsten particles, are mostly used as tungsten flux when the usage requires a low oxygen content and other gas elements content.

  • Porous Tungsten

    Porous Tungsten

    We provide porous tungsten rods and porous tungsten sheets, porous tungsten disc with porosity from 20% to 50%. Porous tungsten (porous W)is produced by low-temperature sintering, opposite to normal tungsten products which are sintered at high temper

  • Tungsten Wire

    Tungsten Wire

    Tungsten wire can be used for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components, etc. We are a global supplier of tungsten wire with wide range diameter.

  • Tungsten Bar

    Tungsten Bar

    Tungsten bars (rectangular tungsten bar & square tungsten bar)are mainly used as cathode, conductive parts, heat resistant parts and other devices in electronic products and industrial equipment. We also provide tungsten pellets, tungsten cubes.

  • Tungsten Rod

    Tungsten Rod

    Tungsten rods (W rods) can be used to make emission cathodes, high temperature forming rods, etc. We provide tungsten rod, tungsten cylinder, tungsten ingot, tungsten block, and tungsten ring with purity W>99.95%.

  • Tungsten Plate

    Tungsten Plate

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten plate (W plate), tungsten sheet with purity W≥99.95%. Pure Tungsten flat rolled products are fabricated from pressed and sintered powder metallurgy ingot and are rolled tungsten plate and tungsten sheet.

  • Tungsten Sheet

    Tungsten Sheet

    Edgetech Industries LLC is a worldwide supplier of tungsten sheet & tungsten plate with customized dimensions, the purity is W≥99.95%. Other tungsten rolled products are available on request.

  • Tungsten Foil

    Tungsten Foil

    Thinnest tungsten foil we can supply is 0.05mm, width largest with of 100mm, the purity is 99.95%. Other tungsten rolling products (tungsten sheets, tungsten plates) are also available.

  • Tungsten Disc & Tungsten Square

    Tungsten Disc & Tungsten Square

    We supply tungsten discs, tungsten washers and tungsten squares for power semiconductors. Tungsten disc and tungsten square are widely used as contact materials in silicon controlled rectifiers diodes, transistors and thyristors (GTO’S).

  • Tungsten Tube

    Tungsten Tube

    Edgetech Industries LLC provides tungsten tube (W tubing) and tungsten crucible with customized specifications that are used at high temperature. Tungsten tube is widely used as high-temperature vessel in sapphire single crystal growth furnace, rare

  • Tungsten Boat

    Tungsten Boat

    Tungsten boat(W boat) is made from Tungsten sheet through a process of stamping, bending, welding and riveting. Tungsten boats can be used in light, evaporation material, electronic and military industries.

  • Tungsten Heating Element

    Tungsten Heating Element

    Tungsten Heating Elements (Tungsten heaters) are made from Tungsten wire, Tungsten rods, tungsten strips and other parts, which has high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Tungsten Furnace Parts

    Tungsten Furnace Parts

    We provide all tungsten and molybdenum furnace parts that is use in high temperature furnace system, such as tungsten crucible & molybdenum crucible, heater, heat shielding, etc.

  • Tungsten Wire Mesh

    Tungsten Wire Mesh

    Tungsten Wire Mesh can be used in Battery, chemical, hydrogen making, acid making, etc. Our tungsten mesh is weaved by tungsten wire, the surface can be block oxide, chemically cleaned, electrolytic polished, etc. Material is 99.95% pure tungsten.

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