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Niobium - Nb

Niobium, is a chemical element with symbol Nb and atomic number 41. It is a soft, grey, ductile transition metal, which is often found in the pyrochlore mineral, the main commercial source for niobium, and columbite. The name comes from Greek mythology: Niobe, daughter of Tantalus since it is so similar to tantalum. Niobium has physical and chemical properties similar to those of the element tantalum, and the two are therefore difficult to distinguish. 

We provide all shaped niobium products (Nb wire, rod, bar, plate, sheets, strip, foil, ribbon, tube), machied niobium (Nb crucible, flange, fasteners, mesh etc.), raw niobium (Nb powder, Nb2O5, NbC, etc.)

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  • Pure Niobium

    Pure Niobium

    Niobium wire, Niobium rod, Niobium sheet, Niobium plate, Niobium tube, Niobium mesh, Niobium strip, Niobium foil, Niobium ribbon, Niobium bar, Niobium Supplier

  • Niobium Alloys

    Niobium Alloys

    Niobium alloys, Niobium titanium, Superconducting Materials, Niobium Zirconium Alloy, Niobium Hafnium Alloy, Molybdenum Niobium Alloy, Niobium Nickel Alloy

  • Raw Niobium

    Raw Niobium

    Niobium powder, Niobium oxide, Niobium Carbide Powder, Niobium Oxalate NbC2O4, Niobium Chloride,Niobium Boride Powder, Niobium Nitride Powder, Niobium Silicide Powder

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