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Nickel Metal products: Nickel wire, Nickel tubes, Nickel rods, Nickel sheets, Nickel discs, Nickel strips, and customized Nickel machined parts, high purity nickel (3N5, 4N, 4N5, 5N) as deposition material
Nickel alloys: Nickel Chromium Alloys (NiCr20, NiCr30, etc.), Nickel Vanadium Alloys (NiV7, etc.), Nichel Iron Alloys (NiFe20, NiFe30, etc.), Niobium Nickel Alloys
Raw Nickel: Nickel powder, Spherical Nickel Powder

Our Nickel Products

Product Name Description Inquiry
Nickel-Ni  Powder Micro Nickel Powder (Co)-10-100μm
Nano Nickel Powder (Co)-50nm
Spherical Nickel Powder (3D Printing Material) 99.5%, 50nm,500nm,1um or Customized Inquiry
High purity Nickel cylinder/pellets 99.9%~99.999%, 6mm x 6mm or Customized Inquiry
Nickel Sheet & Nickel Alloy Sheet UNS N02200, N02201, ASTM B162
Thickness >2.0 mm, Width <1050mm, Length <7500 mm
Nickel Strip & Nickel Foil & Nickel Alloys UNS N02200, N02201, ASTM B162
Thickness 0.03-2.0 mm, Width 2-450 mm, Length >500 mm in coil
Niobium Nickel Alloy Lumps Nb63Ni-A, Nb63Ni-B, Nb56Ni-A, Nb56Ni-B,
≤50×50, in lumps.
Nickel Tubes Alloy 20,  Nickel 200,  Monel® 400, Inconel® 600,  Inconel® 625 625 Inquiry
Nickel Sputtering Targets High purity Nickel 99.9%~99.999%,
Nickel Chromium Alloys (NiCr20, NiCr30, etc.), Nickel Vanadium Alloys (NiV7, etc.), Nickel Iron Alloys (NiFe20, NiFe30, etc.), Niobium Nickel Alloys, Size: Customized

Pictures of our Nickel products

  • Nickel Strip
  • Copper Pellets
  • Nickel Chromium Alloy (NiCr20) Cube
  • Nickel Chromium Alloy (NiCr30) pellets
  • High Purity Nickel Cylinder
  • High Purity Nickel Pellets

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