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Lutetium - Lu

Lutetium - Lu

Lutetium, as the last rare earth element, has several interesting applications. For examples, lutetium isotopes can data the age of meteorites and are used to target tumors experimentally. Lutetium can act as catalysts for petroleum refining and other chemical reactions. Lutetium is also used in LED light bulbs. Lutetium also has applications in high refractive index lens, magnetic bubble memory devices and positron emission tomography detectors.

Our lutetium products

Lutetium Metal: Lutetium Powder, Lutetium Lump, Reduced Lutetium, Distilled Lutetium, Lutetium Sublimed dendritic, Lutetium Sputtering Target, Lutetium Disc, Lutetium Rod, Lutetium Plate, Lutetium Sheet, Lutetium Aluminum Sputtering Target, Lutetium Pellets, Lutetium Cube, Lutetium Cylinder, Lutetium Evaporation Materials
Lutetium Compounds: Lutetium Oxide, Lutetium Acetate, Lutetium Carbonates, Lutetium Hydrate, Lutetium Nitrate, Lutetium Chloride, Lutetium Fluoride, Lutetium Oxalate

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Material Available_Products Purity Part No. Inquiry
Lutetium Metal (Lu Metal)

Lutetium Metal (Lu)
High purity metal lump & powder
Lutetium metalsputtering target, Disc
Lu plate, rod and other shapes

3N, 3N5, 4N

M71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Oxide

Lutetium Oxide (Lu2O3)
Lu2O3 powder: D50=~3.93 µm
Lu2O3 granules: 3~12mm for PVD
Lutetium oxide (Lu2O3) sputtering target

4N, 4N5, 5N

O71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Acetate

Lutetium Acetate Hydrate
TREO: > 35%

3N, 4N

AC71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Carbonate

Lutetium Carbonate Hydrate
Lu 2(CO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 42%

3N, 4N

CN71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Chloride

Lutetium Chloride Hydrate
LuCl3 XH2O
TREO: > 45%

3N, 4N

CL71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Fluoride

Lutetium Fluoride
LuF3- TREO: > 81%
LuF3- 3~12mm for PVD

3N, 4N

FL71-Lu Inquiry
Lutetium Nitrate

Lutetium Nitrate Hydrate
Lu(NO3)3 XH2O
TREO: > 40%

3N, 4N

NO71-Lu Inquiry

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