Tungsten Foil

Tungsten rolling products available from ETI include tungsten plate, tugnsten sheet, and tungsten foil with many options on width, length and thickness. Pure Tungsten flat rolled products are fabricated from pressed and sintered powder metallurgy ingot and are rolled to tungsten plate, tungsten sheet, and tungsten foil.

Dimensions of our tungsten foil

Tungsten Foil Thickness Tungsten Foil Width Tungsten Foil Length
0.05-0.1 100 L
0.10-0.15 100 200

Specifications of tungsten foil:

Product Tungsten Foil
Item No. M74-F
Purity W≥99.95%
Specification ASTM B760
Process Pressing-sintering-Rolling
Surface Chemically Cleaned, Hot rolled

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