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Nitinol Spring

In the past, most temperature control valves employed materials like waxy or mechanical structures like bellows. For modern applications, however, nitinol spring (shape memory alloy springs) are widely employed because of their superior reliability.
Specific advantages of SMA springs (nitinol spring) include:
A. No gas or liquid leaks
B. 2-3x higher heat sensitivity compared to waxy components.
C. Shorter response time to temperature changes, since SMA material contacts the media directly.
D. Lowered the total cost of modern SMA springs.

We provide nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring) with competitive price and various specifications. 

Nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring) by round nitinol wire, with minimum 0.2mm Nitinol wire diameter, strength and size per drawing.
Nitinol spring by flat nitinol wire, wire size, strength and size per drawings

One way shape memory nitinol springs
Spring that can be compressed (Nitinol Compression Coils / Nitinol Compression Spring) or stretched (Nitinol Tension Springs) at temperature higher than Af point. One way nitinol spring can not be recovered with temperature.
Two way shape memory nitinol spring
Spring that can be compressed (Nitinol Compression Coils / Nitinol Compression Spring) or stretched (Nitinol Tension Springs) at temperature higher than Af point. Two way nitinol spring will be recovered with temperature, can be deformed repeatedly

Two-way shape memory spring is widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, mechanical and electronic products, biomedical, building structure, daily life (Water temperature adjustment parts in bathroom & kitchen), etc.

Specifications for our nitinol springs ithat are used as bicycle shock absorber:

Specification Spring stroke Strength (lbs/inch) Natural length Inner diameter Wire diameter Laps
350 x 3” 3” 350 6.38” 1.38” 0.366” 8.5
300 x 3.5” 3.5” 300 7.09” 1.38” 0.366” 9.6
275 x 3.4” 3.4” 275 6.89” 1.38” 0.354” 9.5
450 x 2.85” 2.85” 450 7.09” 1.38” 0.374” 7.5
500 x 3” 3” 500 5.87” 1.38” 0.394” 7.9
400 x 3” 3” 400 6.38” 1.38” 0.374” 8.1
350 x 3.25” 3.25” 350 6.81” 1.38” 0.374” 9
400 x 3.25” 3.25” 400 6.81” 1.38” 0.386” 8.9
450 x 3.25” 3.25” 450 6.81” 1.38” 0.394” 8.5

Our Nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring) can be used as standard compression, extension or torsion springs. Other nitinol spring ((nickle titanium spring) ) with custom wire diameter and other parameters are available, please send your requests to sales@edge-techind.com. We also provide nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring)  with flat nitinol wire. Here are the pictures for some of our nitinol spring.

  • Nitinol spring by flat nitinol wire
  • Nitinol Spring by flat nitinol wire
  • Micro Nitinol Spring (0.2mm wire)
  • Nitinol Temp. Control Spring

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Packing information for our nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring) 

Our nitinol springs (nickle titanium springs)  are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring) during transportation and handling. Cartons are used for small nitinol spring (nickle titanium spring). 

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